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About the Company

Pets Home Today® launched in April 2000 with staff and partners who bring over 30 years of combined experience in the microchipping industry and in the animal identification field. No other company can offer such a wealth of experience and expertise.

The Pets Home Today® microchipping program and the animal sheltering and service program are now being used by veterinarians and humane societies across North America.

Pets Home Today® has passed the National Companion Animal Coalition review process and successfully distributes NCAC-approved ISO microchips and readers.

We are committed to our products and will continue to offer the pet world customer service second to none.

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The Database

All microchips come with a lifetime registration on the Pets Home Today® database, which can be accessed by our staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We do not charge to update address or ownership information, and we encourage pet owners to update their information whenever necessary to ensure that they can easily be reached for the safety of their pet.

Our database is stored locally and is not accessible online to assure your personal data is safe.

We reconcile our database. This helps us ensure information accuracy.

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The Microchips

The Pets Home Today® microchips are the latest chips that can be read by the current reader base in North America. We are offering a competitive price and a comprehensive promotional package.

We have successfully completed the NCAC (National Companion Animal Coalition) review process for use in companion animals in North America. Therefore, we can offer approved ISO standard FDX B format chips that can be read by any ISO FDX B scanner worldwide.