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a small dog and a banana

“Thank you very much for helping me get my 2 dogs home. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the concern and follow up I received from our vet and Pets Home Today®, when our dogs went missing. We always get our pets microchipped but not until now do I realize what a great service you provide. I wanted to pass on my gratitude! I am going to tell all of my friends to make sure their pets are microchipped!”

Patty - Neumann & Maggie

a cat

“We enjoy working with the courteous and professional staff of Pets Home Today®. Valuable time is saved when we are quickly connected with an Pets Home Today® representative. Pets Home Today® has always been there for us and they do not hesitate to go above and beyond when needed.”

Executive Director
Oakville & Milton Humane Society

a small dog

“I am so impressed with your services. My dog got lost yesterday. The fellow that found him called the number on the Pets Home Today® tag. I would say you have gone way beyond what we hoped your service would provide.

Thank you so much!”

Jo Schwartz

a small dog looking up

“It didn’t take our dog Lola long to discover a hole in the backyard fence. She was rescued from the middle of a busy street by a very kind person.

Because of Lola’s microchip, within minutes I received a call and was able to co-ordinate her pickup. It’s a great service.”

Philipa Huntsman

a dog

“We had not yet registered them with the city so they didn’t have dog tags when they “escaped” from our yard. A friendly person picked up our dogs off the street, popped into the neighborhood vet and had them scanned et voila!

Glad that we invested in this service.”

Mary Descoeurs

a cat

“My cat was missing and within hours I received a phone call that he had been turned in and the microchip was how he was located. This system really works. I am so happy to get my cat back and want to thank you for providing a service that works so well.”

Sandee Petrus

a small dog

“I would like to express our gratitude for your organization and the promptness from your company. The kind gentleman who picked up our dog Lacey, told us that the vet and human society did not help, as it was after hours. When he called Pets Home Today®, he got an immediate response. Words cannot express our deep appreciation.”

Elizabeth Haughton

a cat reaching up

“I wanted to thank you so much for assisting in the return of our kitten, Red. I received a call on my cell phone advising me that my Red had been found. I was surprised as I was unaware that he was missing. We are so thankful to Pets Home Today® for getting Red back to us.”

Marcie Clare

a small dog looking back

“Our dog Seamus went with the dog walker to play with other dogs. Seamus and another dog ran away. He was luckily found by a gentleman, who brought him to the clinic where his microchip could be scanned. Thank you very much for your service, we are so happy that Seamus is back home so fast.”

Michael & Marina Kress

a cat looking up

“My cat had been missing for 11 months and due to the micro-chip technology she has been brought home! I highly recommend this service to anyone even if your animal is an indoor cat like mine. Thank you Pets Home Today® for reuniting me with my pet!”